Have you met George yet?


Glassy George, Gordon & Gilbert.

These three like to get out and about when they can, but have a tendency to worry about getting hurt from being shoved in the bottom of a bag!


Felty George (& Georgina)

The Felties have a tendency to come along on days out, holidays and cub camps - I try to keep an eye on them but they do seem to get in trouble, along with their friends the seagulls.

George at Christmas


No, you can't put the tree up yet George!!

It was still November when George found a suitable tree, I've had to find many ways to distract him to delay it.... but I'm pretty sure his tree will be up and decorated very soon!    In the meantime I seem to have bought him a reindeer to keep him amused - so he's trying to train it so he can ride it around the house!! Think there may be an accident soon!

What do you think George should do next?!